Adam & Holly 4.24.10

Adam and Holly were married on April 24th at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Pittsburgh followed by a beautiful reception at the Duquesne Power Center Ballroom. I was thrilled when they told me they wanted to have a first look and take photos before the ceremony.  All of my brides so far this year have chosen to do this and I love every single one of them for it!

Adam and Holly have the most romantic story of how they first met! Holly was moving to Alexandria, VA from Pittsburgh. While driving to Virginia, something flew off a truck and hit her car which forced her to have to rent a car upon arriving in Virginia. Adam worked at the Enterprise Rental Car Center and assisted Holly. After looking at her drivers license, he noticed she was from the same area he was from in Pittsburgh and they had lived only 5 minutes from each other! They became friends, and the rest is history.

Holly had an amazing dessert bar filled with all kinds of sweets, cakes and goodies. Amy referred to it as “the table of evil” because everything looks SO amazing!

Adam had wanted a nacho cheese fountain at the reception but Holly had told him ‘No way!’ but Holly had been secretly planning and calling everyone she could think of to make it happen and suprise Adam with a nacho cheese fountain. Nobody offered such a thing, but Duquesne did suggest that she could have a nacho cheese bar instead.

To top off an incredible day, the Pens won the playoff series against Ottawa just as the reception was ending.

Thank you Adam and Holly and your entire bridal party for including us in your special day.

Congratulations and have a blast in Jamaica!


Holly made a beautiful bride, as you will see in the next few photos:

First look.. so sweet!:

Adam is a funny guy.. as I was taking these photos of him, I commented on how he was really working it for the camera. He told me that was because he had experience and he used to be a model. I am super gulligble and will believe pretty much anything. He told me he was kidding but he was an actor in a movie filmed in Pittsburgh.. of course I believed this too. He was kidding again! But he was an extra in a figure skating movie, so Adam did have a debut on the big screen many years ago!

Holly and her lovely bridesmaids. You are all such a sweet group of girls. It was a pleasure spending the day with you!


Holly and her dad:

Amy captured this one of Adam and Holly:

Holly with her nephew/adorable ringbearer Jack:

There is a great sky walk from the parking garage to the Power Center overlooking the city:



Ron & Margie

Thank you for sharing your pictures–they are awesome-you two make a terrific couple and the wedding was fabulous–we wish you both continued happiness in your life together–All the best–Love, Margie & Ron

Leslie Will


THESE PHOTOS are AMAZING!! HOLLY could be on the cover of BRIDE Magazine!!!! The photos of Holly and Adam are unlike any photos I have ever seen! There is a flair to your work, not your typical bridal pictures! You did an amazing job!

Holly Jourdan


I just LOVE our pictures! You and Amy did such a fabulous job capturing our day. Beautiful, amazing, striking, and gorgeous are all words family and friends have used to describe your work and Adam and I totally agree. You are blessed with such a talent. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful gift!

Future brides, if you have picked Jenn as your photographer, you will be SO happy you did. For those who are looking for a photographer, look no further than Jenn!

Lisa Moody


Thank you so much for all that you have done to make my sister’s wedding such a memorable event. It was a pleasure to work with you and your work is unique and amazing. Your blog is a wonderful way to showcase your style and talent. I can not wait to have a few photos framed in my home! Thank you again!

Lisa Moody
Holly Will’s sister

Ashley Salzman

Gorgeous! Looks like your day was everything you could have hoped for, congratulations again Holly & Adam!